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my top pet peeve is fashion glasses

like i’ve been wearing glasses for 11 years, i wore them before they were fashionable and i’ll be wearing them for long after they’re fashionable
i’ve had the whole 4 eyes thing and glasses nerd thing, so its kind of a kick in the gut when people wear them for fashion (especially people who took the piss originally) 

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so on the way back from london i was really grumpy cos whilst the gig was good, i really really didn’t have the money and if my little brother wasnt coming, i wouldn’t have bought the tickets/would’ve sold them 
and i was moaning about having like no money to my mum and getting all anxious and gross and she said she could help with my money but when we got home i was like oh yeah i got this stuff from lush and she was like oh i thought you had no money?? and i dont, bcos i bought stuff from lush because i have spending problems 
like i can have £20 to my name and if i see something i want, i completely forget that i have no money and i just buy it and feel so horrible and shit later
and i wasn’t moaning so mum would give me money, i don’t expect her to give me anything but she said she would and now i feel bad cos it would seem like i’m trying to get money off her 
i fucking hate money, it gets me so stressed

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Lilith with a snake (1886), John Collier / Anaconda, Nicki Minaj



Lilith with a snake (1886), John Collier / Anaconda, Nicki Minaj

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Kyary pamyu pamyu, proving that 98% of anyone yelling about “cultural appropriation” are whiny middle-class Americans with little to no connection to the cultures that they are “defending”. Every foreigner I’ve met is happy when people take an interest in their culture, though some concerns (such as not appreciating religious significance) may be legitimate 9/10 are Westerners bullying people. Moral of the story: Just don’t be an asshole you guys

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*Ugly white dude voice* Taylor swift is so obsessive and crazy about the people she dates i’d never date her lol! Bro can you turn up the eminem song? This is the one about him murdering his wife it’s my favorite lol 

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my annoying nose is too flat so it never holds my glasses up so i’m constantly doing the whole nerdy pushing my glasses up my nose thing aaaaaaaallllllll the time

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this is how I feel about cheesecake

this is how I feel about cheesecake

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ooooooooo theres a documentary on russia’s lost princesses on bbc2 right now! i find things about royalty super interesting 

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