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Anonymous asked: What exactly is an animal sanctuary? It sounds cool if you got to play with cats :3

it’s like an animal rescue place
the place i went to, my mum does the mum of the lady who runs its hair, but she basically takes in animals that have been left by people, so she has loads of dogs and about 7 cats and like 20 terrapins (she said they’d been found in a rubbish dump!) and some horses and sheep and a big pig (person thought it was a micro pig, then it grew up) but she runs it all of donations so she and her mum live in a really derelict house :c
but yeah i helped out by feeding the cats and putting clean litter trays in and played with them whilst mum was doing the ladys hair~ 

those people who go through and like eVERY SINGLE PHOTO YOU HAVE EVER POSTED ON INSTAGRAM do my nut in

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wonder woman special 01

cat takes a selfie

went to play with some cats at the animal sanctuary, my favourite was the black and white cat, she was soooooo lovely 🐈🐱


After Kissing
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March 2014


I think I like bows because they look like ears.


I think I like bows because they look like ears.


it’s true though why am i laughing